Since my other blog is filled with fandom, so I thought I'd shift my personal & writing blog to here. Here's a spot for poetry, quotes from my books, random drabbles, bitching, and one shot stories.
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my gifs aren’t moving again. ARGH. I bet this one’s not going to move either.



yup, it’s not moving. 

huh, and yet, when put into a photoset, it’s the sets themselves that hinders. For example, when photos are put in a vertical set, one doesn’t move, but in a side by side set, both moves. Interesting. 

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~ Monday, May 28 ~
"You are your father’s daughter", she said with this peculiar smile on her face.
It didn’t sound like a compliment.
— Touched 2: The Saint
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So I wrap a tourniquet around your bleeding heart;
the very thing that’s keeping us apart
But rather than stop the bleeding
All I did, was keep it from beating
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Name: Justin Real (Real as in the currency)

Hair: Dirty Blond

Eyes: Leah sees them as changeable. To everyone else; light brown

Age: 18

Fashion style: Rumpled, comfortable, T shirts, leather jacket, jeans, sneakers kind of guy.

Personality: Generally amiable, have a tendency to be too serious sometimes, cunning, dangerous when crossed and in some situations oblivious as hell.

Justin is a Born Angel Touched, that means even among the Touched, he’s major special. He also has a Malaikat, a Guardian Angel. It seems that he has a history with Leah Curran and it’s obvious he’s attached to her. He knows about Leah more than he should which only make her even more suspicious of him despite the fact he tries to do good by her…even if his method of doing so is crap. His role in his motley crew of Angel Touched is leader, with Danny Real being his father and also his right hand man.

We don’t know how special Justin is, or what kind of advantages a Born Angel Touched has but we’ll find out later.

He’s trained in multiple Martial Arts and weapons and doesn’t pull any punches. In training with others, he’s strict and unrelenting and ruthless when called upon.


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Name: Leah Curran

Eyes: Black

Hair: Straight/Black

Skin: Tan

Age: 17

Personality: Defiant, independent, loyal, controlled. She loves her family—all that’s left of it—and has a strong connection with Gabriel Shannah, her best friend since she was nine years old.

Had spent the early years of her life moving from one place to another with her mother. She never knew her father and her mother never talked about him.

Her fire and zest was strangled by her guilt on what she thought as her contribution to her mother’s disappearance. Determined to keep her promise to her mother she kept quiet in the background…secretly waiting for the time where her secret would be found out…When that happens, the gloves would come off.

Her confinement due to her powers clashes with her personality but she keeps her head down because of what happened to her mother. But once in a while she rebels against the restrictions that she puts on herself with the help of Gabriel, justifying it with telling herself that she’s only keeping him from doing anything more stupid than what they were already doing.

Style: Leah’s the type to go for comfort rather than style, it goes with her whole I’m-trying-to-be-invisible thing. Her wardrobe mostly consists of funny T-shirts, jeans, loose trousers, sneakers and sandals. Not that she feels uncomfortable with going girly or prettying herself up once in a while but she opts for the simplest of clothes just in case she needs to run away and because she also has to be unmemorable.


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~ Tuesday, March 6 ~

I often wonder, why did it took me years to finally start on writing a book that is published worthy? I could’ve saved so much time by starting years ago.

But then I re-reread my stuff now, and re-read my stuff from back then and then realize the answer.

Back then, it was impossible for me to write as I do now. Call it experience, call it maturity, call it whatever. But I do think, I am at the right time to start getting serious about writing.

But I’m also pleased that even as my writing style matured, the underlining thread that connects my words together have not; love, family, friendship, adventure…and a whole lot of angst. And usually character death.

I do love my angst.

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~ Monday, March 5 ~
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